Monday, November 26, 2007

How to Make an Impact on MySpace

Pun intended.

  • Check out the Groups area of MySpace. There are groups for every interest. Join some of these or view the profiles of the people in groups dedicated to bands that have a similar audience as your band and send friend requests to them.
  • Click “Add to friends” when viewing a profile (you will find this under the header “Contacting…”) and this person will receive a friend request from you in both their MySpace email and regular e-mail account.
  • To personalize it, and increase the likelihood that the member will add you as a friend, send the person a message. Select “Send Message.”
  • When someone accepts your friend request or adds your organization as a friend, post a public comment on that person’s profile thanking them for their support. This is a powerful way of spreading links to your profile across the site, using the standard MySpace etiquette.
  • Find a few active Groups that are relevant to your org, and participate in their forums to get the word out
  • If you have relationships with local bands, politicians, or celebrities who have communities of supporters on MySpace, ask them to post your badge for one day, send out a bulletin, or in some other way highlight you

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