Monday, November 26, 2007

E-mail Best Practices

Via techPresident, based on Campaign Monitor's "E-mail Design Guidelines for 2006":

1. Never use images for important content like headlines, links and any calls to action.

2. Use alt text for all images for a better experience [with images turned off].

3. Always add the height and width to the image to ensure that the blank placeholder image doesn't throw your design out.

4. Add a text-based link to a Web version of your design at the top of your e-mail.

5. Ensure your most compelling content is at the top (and preferably to the left).

6. Ask your subscriber to add your From address to their address book at every opportunity.

7. Ensure that your e-mails are sent from the same e-mail address

8. Send e-mails from a "real person" and not a generic moniker.

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  1. I love campaign monitor. they have a section of their best emails that gives the html


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