Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Your Web Site Is Your Identity

PR Week's Keith O'Brien explains why in a digital world, your Web site says as much about your company as the address of your office:

Smart companies know that in a digital world, their first line of defense—and offense—is their Web site. Not only is it intended to be a wealth of information, but it also positions the brand in the light the company intended. . . .

[T]o be sated with an organization's existing Web site, when new opportunities to create, display, and categorize content arise monthly, is to embrace stagnancy.

Of course, no patron wants to stumble upon a new version of a Web site every week, so alterations should be tackled judiciously. But a Web site is the digital equivalent of a storefront, and while more goods might be sold offline, information and brand impressions are being purchased online at a hastening pace.

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