Thursday, November 8, 2007

Who Accepts Online PSAs?

1. Facebook does not accept PSAs. As Ryann from Facebook explained via e-mail (10/28/07), “[W]e receive an overwhelming number of requests for discounted or free advertising from charitable causes and nonprofit organizations. Due to the fact that we are unable to honor all of these requests, it is our current policy not to honor any of them.”

2. Google does not accept PSAs (it's unclear how the one to the right got into the system). As Eileen D. from the Google AdWords Team explained via e-mail (10/31/07), "To find out more information on the public service announcements you referenced, I checked with a Google Grants specialist ... She told me that this program is not currently available, and that we are currently still researching opportunities. However, as it develops, it will only be available to Google Grants accounts."

3. Blogads does not accept PSAs. As Megan Mitzel wrote via e-mail (10/29/07), "No we do not accept public service announcements."

4. Pajamas Media never returned my phone call or responded to my e-mail.

5. AOL accepts PSAs. As Rachel Gross, director of corporate events and community relations, wrote via e-mail (10/31/07), "We do from time-to-time offer PSAs to the community."

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