Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Odds and Ends

1. Who you're reaching matters more than how many you're reaching. "A blog that is read by the vast majority of your colleagues, particularly younger ones, is as powerful a weapon as exists in the working world; that most of the blog is unintelligible except to a certain media class and other types of New York [journalists] does not diminish its impact on that group." [NYM]

2. Bloggers like to be engaged. Of John McCain, who holds regular conference calls with bloggers, Redstate's Erick Erickson says, "Even if bloggers disagree with him, they give him credit for engaging." [SFG]

3. A flack who is himself a blogger brings credibility to his pitching. McCain's blogger outreach coordinator, Pat Hynes, has found that "bloggers know when they're getting pitched, and some of them do get resentful. Knowing they're getting pitched by another blogger takes away some of that edge. I'm not a corporate PR guy." [SFG]

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