Saturday, January 26, 2008

Odds and Ends

1. Last year, I wrote that I was "expecting big things from" Eight months later, the big things have materialized, as the NYT noted earlier this week:

A year ago, the Atlantic’s Web site was, to put it gently, weak—in content, staff, traffic and advertising.

Today, with big-name bloggers and video, it barely resembles the same site, having evolved into one of the livelier places on the Web for public policy debate and news analysis. And the number of readers going to the site has quadrupled.

2. “If you tell people how to consume their content, they will ignore you,” he said, a truism that experience had taught new-media executives. “Let people do what they want to do and try to be in their circle of choice.” —Josh Tyrangiel, managing editor,

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